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Do you feel your place isn’t happening enough? Do you think managing your things require a lot of thinking? Or, the space you have feels insufficient? If yes, it is time for renovate. At Hanos, we employ experts at your service to help you realize a space you can proudly call, home. We excel at utilization of spaces and giving our customers the best designed and sturdy furniture, cabinets and what not.
Beauty lies in the details
Either it’s your office, home or outdoor spaces, we have something for every corner. Hanos’s engineers and technicians are highly efficient in achieving the best solution for every unique challenge. Spice your surroundings and fill colours to your life with greener outdoors and brighter inside.

Offerings at a Glance

At Hanos, we seek quality of living. With tailored designs and unrivalled quality, we raise above your expectation of a safer and comfortable life.
Customized Furniture

We fill spaces to enhance its beauty. Hence, our furniture designs are unique and blended to suit your specific style. Give your home a touch of your trademark. Look through the range of modern and aesthetic collection of furniture and find the one that better describes your taste. Our experts help provide customers with customization exactly as needed.


Our team manages your interiors to accentuate the beauty of every corner. Prioritizing the best utilization of spaces and adding colours to soothe moods, our designers ensures you are happiest while you stay inside. Our high-quality products provide robust and comfortable experience to our customers.


Hanos looks after your needs and does what exactly makes you feel satisfied. We have advanced tools and skilful experts to give amazing finish to any exterior you wish to renovate. The attention to smallest details while letting the latest technology take over the job, we keep a tab on every inch of progress until completion for a pleasing accomplishment.


We do not just force designs to customers, but build it from scratch for them. You can approach us for furniture and designs you have been dreaming to give life to. Hanos never compromises with quality, and build products that stays beside you for years to come.


Do not know what exactly you are looking for? Why not ask the experts. Hanos teams are all ears when it comes to offer suggestion. Tell us about your priorities and we offer you the best designs you have been craving for. Our engineers and designers have years of experience making impossible, possible. We can do that for you too.


We like to complete the job on time. And our highly qualified technicians make the entire process of installation a breeze. With advanced and institutive process and smooth transition, our team would let you have the most convenient experience throughout the installation.

What Make us Unique?

Hanos realises that every house or space has its own beauty. To accentuate the same and make it visible even more, a touch of experienced hands and involvement of advanced technologies come into play.

We have developed our own Stainless steel slides for our drawers and in addition, hinges, magnets and handles

Hanos has one of its kind stainless steel slides for drawers that are both strong and long lasting. In addition to that Hanos has the most exquisite handles with the best magnets and hinges.

We partner with builders, dealers, distributors, landscape architects and designers to develop the most well-rounded products available in the industry.

We work with professional builders, dealers, distributors, architects and design experts to bring you the most innovative and rare products in the industry.

We are inclined to provide the best experience to our customers as a reason we are forming an alliance with top importer and wholesaler of accent and area rugs, to produce a collection of fine quality rugs for indoors or out

With stable cash flow and operating revenues, we may acquire some of the regional players in North America and Europe, which will help in catering to a larger audience

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