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Gone are the times when kitchen and furniture was associated with basic need. Your beautiful home demands More. You have an image to maintain and so does your home! Hanos believes in producing masterpieces. With our diverse team of professionals, we ensure to provide you the best quality, functionality and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.
Beauty lies in the details
Hanos has an eye for the detail. We provide custom fittings that are both practical and aesthetically pleasant. Hanos gives a new meaning to open-air spaces. Our outdoor spaces are just as beautiful as our indoor spaces just greener.

Products & Services

Hanos is the way of modern living. We bring you the ultimate in interior and exterior products with the most astonishing features that will only make your life easier.

Hanos uses high tech machinery and adds functionality using the latest hardware and electronics to make your life a breeze.


Hanos is not just ordinary furniture. It has a personality that matches yours. We have everything you need to satisfy your aesthetic needs. Hanos believes in adding detail, making the products user friendly with special high quality material only.


Our premium products have endless options of customization. Hanos works with the best designers globally to develop new product lines for the niche market. Hanos has something for everyone.


At Hanos we are continuously bringing innovation to luxurious living. Bringing you the best of unique designs.


Our team of engineers and design experts ensure you get the furniture of your dreams.


Hanos has the best team of technicians who make the whole setup and installation process convenient for you.

At Hanos

Our in-house design staffs work closely with builders and architects advising them on outdoor kitchen configurations to create the one-of-a-kind projects their high-end clientele demands

We have developed our own Stainless steel slides for our drawers and in addition, hinges, magnets and handles

Hanos has one of its kind stainless steel slides for drawers that are both strong and long lasting. In addition to that Hanos has the most exquisite handles with the best magnets and hinges.

We partner with builders, dealers, distributors, landscape architects and designers to develop the most well-rounded products available in the industry.

We work with professional builders, dealers, distributors, architects and design experts to bring you the most innovative and rare products in the industry.

We are inclined to provide the best experience to our customers as a reason we are forming an alliance with top importer and wholesaler of accent and area rugs, to produce a collection of fine quality rugs for indoors or out

With stable cash flow and operating revenues, we may acquire some of the regional players in North America and Europe, which will help in catering to a larger audience

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Turning a simple BBQ into a luxurious outdoor lifestyle.

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